No recreational angling is allowed

Dear Members,

Please find a very important notice below.

Despite Marine Notice 31 advising that from their point of view we can go fish, sail or kayak, this is overruled by the Disaster Management Act and current notifications with regards to Level 3 dos and don’ts.

Regrettably, FBYC as a Club, cannot take a chance and allow these activities until it is officially gazetted by the government.  We run the risk of the entire club being shut down and taken away from us.


‘‘No recreational angling is allowed’’ Members, please be patient. Attached please find an audio clip which explains the situation.

We all have “sources”  indicating this relief is imminent but it’s definitely not yet official as of this morning 4th June.

Please wait for further official email communication.

The office and myself is currently overloaded with calls.

Kind regards,
Bryan Fitchat
Rear-Commodore Angling

Yours in angling, FBYC

P.S.  This very morning (04 June 2020) anglers fishing from shore were chased away by police.

Elephant Seal

Elephant Seal

A beautiful young Southern elephant seal has made itself at home in our waters probably for its first moult!

This youngster will grow to between 3 - 5 meters in length and weight between 2 200 – 4 000 kg.

Southern Elephant Seals main feeding area is at the edge of the Antarctic continent.

It’s rare to see them on our coastline, but when the time comes for their annual molt & our shores provide the closest haul-out, they grab the opportunity.

Sea life under our marinas

Sea life under our marinas

Z Marina Fish