1. Please submit completed application form, together with electronic photo/s to info@fbyc.co.za. Form to have been signed by a proposer who is a member in good standing, who has known the applicant for at least 6 months.  Alternatively, a letter of referral from another club/organisation where the person has been a member in good standing.
  1. You will be mailed an invoice in respect of the entrance fee & pro-rata subs, which must be paid before the next step in the process. Should the application be unsuccessful, you will be refunded, less temporary membership for the period of time you have had access to the club.
  1. Come to the club and collect a Temporary Membership Card, once payment has been made, should you wish to make use of the facilities in the meantime.
  1. A Credit check will be done on each prospective member.
  1. You will be invited to attend the next “Interview Evening” (interviews are held once a month, on the second Monday of each month) with the Commodore and Flag Officer, after being allocated a time slot. The proposer may accompany the prospective new member to the interview if he/she so wishes.
  1. All new members’ applications are submitted to our General Committee for ratification. (The General Committee usually meets mid-month).
  1. New members are advised of the General Committee decision, and invited to attend a “Welcome to New Member’s Evening” (held on the last Friday of every month), where they will receive their new membership cards and club information.

Please note:

  • Launching of trailer boats will not be allowed until the full membership process has been finalised.
  • Any new members wishing to live aboard their vessel, will be required to make a separate application in terms of the current FBYC By-Laws.

Updated 23 November 2019