DOLPHYN DIARY NO:  16th May  2017 – 207
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Wednesday: Race 3 of the DHL Twilight series of 5 races – start time 17:45. Forecast: light southerly. Flat water – should be good, particularly for the smaller, lighter boats. Not quite Miura weather – but then a forecast is only …!

Andrew MacK


New helm (no restrictions on crew) – start 14:30. Forecast: light south easter/wester depending on which forecast is believed!! Good weather for those newbies on the stick.
I will be attending a course at Royal Cape regarding an alternative handicapping system (ORD) that could, potentially, even out the present significant bias of the RRD system towards smaller boats – particularly in lighter winds. ORD allows for a choice of light, medium or heavy winds before calculating corrected times. Ken Balman will act as Race Officer – ably assisted by Simone.

Despite minimal wind initially, the “Mothers’ Sail” last Saturday eventually produced a great afternoon on the water for the fairer sex, oops, “gender”, with a light south easter beyond the lighthouse and flat water for Water Music’s motor into Fish Hoek bay to plot the  GPS coordinates of the various “octopus buoys” – for further variety in our race courses.

Andrew MacK

 “Measure Clinic” over the weekend of 20 and 21 May.

Those wishing to attend please contact: Toni <>

Quiz Nights are back!!

Round 4  – Thurs 18th May  entrance fee per night per person R70.
Visitors welcome!! Start time  19h00

Score for round 3:

THE OTHER TEAM:                           61
MENSA MENSE:                                54
EISH:                                                 53
JACKASS QUIZZERS:                        51
SPLATTERED TOAD:                         39
DRAIN BRAIN:                                   39

The winning team will win the floating trophy 1st year.

Light Meal: Please note that the meal on offer is a light meal, so 1 portion per person.
Chicken & Salads 

R 2 700.00
Friday 19th May 2017 @ 19h00
If you are insured with Intasure you will in addition to the CASH, get  up to  R 5000.00 off the vessel’s annual insurance premium or your car & household insurance premiumPS: you have to be present in the Crow’s Nest to claim the winnings

Saturday saw a fine turn out for the chance to kayak or row. Lots of enthusiastic people took to what was an absolutely perfect kayak conditioned ocean.

Thank you to those that assisted

SAT 13th May 2017 starting at 08h30
As can be seen by the photo, a very successful clean-up was held.A special thank you to all those who volunteered their time.  The water was amazing so a fun dive & a good clean-up was had.

A special thank you to OMSAC (Old Mutual Sub Aqua Club) & Carel of DiveInn for coordinating.

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