DOLPHYN DIARY NO:  208 – 23rd May 2017
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Wednesday: Race 4 of the DHL Twilight series of 5 races start time 17:45. Forecast: light northerly, with the possibility of some rain (YES,YES,YES!!!!). Flat water – should be good if there is enough wind, particularly for the smaller, lighter boats. Not quite Miura weather – again!

Andrew MacK

Sunday:  Medium Distance race  – start 11:30. Forecast: (very) light southerly. Sounds a bit like a repeat of last week-end!!

The ORC (Offshore Racing Congress) measurement course at RCYC over the past weekend was certainly very interesting and informative. Although designed, primarily, for producing handicap ratings for out and out racers, there is also provision in the system for a “detuned” rating (with simpler measurement requirements) known as ORC Club, which would seem to have relevance for the ordinary “recreational racer”. One of the major attractions of ORC is the provision for an optional “triple number” rating – in effect, different ratings for light, medium and heavy winds. This could be most useful for our particular mix of boats. I will arrange a presentation on the subject – hopefully next week. As a special incentive, ORC has agreed to provide ratings free of charge up until the end of June of this year – just around the corner!

Andrew MacK

Quiz Nights are back!!

Round 5 – Thurs 25th May  entrance fee per night per person R70.
Visitors welcome!! Start time  19h00

THE OTHER TEAM                             72
SPLATTERED TOAD                          68
NIGHTSHIFT                                       62
JACKASS QUIZZERS                         60
EISH                                                       56
MENSA MENSE                                 55
HAKUNA AKILA                                 44
DRAIN BRAIN                                     35


R 1 100
Friday 26th th May 2017 @ 19h00
If you are insured with Intasure you will in addition to the CASH, get  up to  R 5000.00 off the vessel’s annual insurance premium or your car & household insurance premium


PS: you have to be present in the Crow’s Nest to claim the winnings

Club Notice

Teresa will be on leave from 25th May to 26th June.  Yvonne Macdonald will be running the front office for the said period.  Please address all queries to

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