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Dolphyn Diary #347: 11 April 2020



Hi Club Members,

Sailors, Rowers, Paddlers, Fishermen, Social members & Staff, as you know writing messages of hope and goodwill is not my forte but in these trying times I would like to convey my sincere message to you all.

Firstly, may you and your families have a blessed and happy Easter.

Then secondly during this terrible time my thoughts are with you all. This pandemic is going to affect all of us, it will see some of us bereaved, it has already brought hardship and it will leave global economies in a state that will take years to rebuild. Some of us will make it through this storm better than others, there will be ship wrecks and there will be damage, but at the end of it we will pull through as a team with a new appreciation of much that we took for granted.

When this storm passes I hope that we will remember why we are members of this fantastic club and having a large membership covering a wide range of expertise and industry, I hope we shall reach out and look to helping our fellow members as we rebuild our businesses and our lives.

I know a lot of us are worried about our craft, I certainly am, but the live aboard’s are doing a sterling job of checking lines and reporting to the Marina Company daily. For this they have our gratitude while we wait another 3 weeks before access will be allowed to the club.

When I took on this position I did not realize what I was walking into, from making hard decisions, to trying to keep the members happy, and most recently dealing with a virus. However, it is worth it for the amazing people and I thank you for your support and encouragement. It remains an honour to serve as your Commodore.

Happy Easter. Don’t drink too much (if you have anything left), be safe and stay at home.

Rob Commodore


Hello Members,

We hope you are safe at home during this trying time in our country.

All staff have reported that they are safe and well, everyone is being careful out there. We will have to endure another 3 weeks of lockdown, unfortunately.

We want to share something good with you in that our members living on board are well and taking care of each other. Following social distancing and doing the best they can.
What are a happy community, we thank you!

Our Commodore, Rob, is keeping an eye on the club, checking on us and always has our best interest at heart. Who better to have in command!

From all the staff, we wish you all a peaceful Easter weekend.



Marius taking social distancing seriously.
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