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Dolphyn Diary #349: 11 May 2020


Thank you to our members for sharing their stories with us this week. (below)

We would like to keep the DD happy and full of interesting articles - please feel free to share your stories with us sailing@fbyc.co.za

Not sure you have an interesting story? Maybe you have an old picture of the club and a story to go with it. We are not looking for long articles just a paragraph or two to keep us all connected during these uncertain times.

We would love to share your story.


Hello fellow Club Member boat/small craft owners,

Hope all of you and your families are well and have survived this lockdown so far. I know how stressful it has been on all of us.

As a nation we moved to Level 4 from the 1st of May. Under this level there are still very strict regulations in place. I believe that Sports and Recreational facilities will only be opened when Level 1 is reached, pending confirmation. As you all know, when this is going happen is anyone’s guess. Once we receive a clear directive, we strive to establish a compliant and safe system for all of us to enjoy our water sport that we all love and the laughter and social interaction which we all miss so much.

The main goal is to re-open FYBC as soon as possible. We must not lose hope, recognising that this situation is affecting everyone. We are all in this boat together. Luckily due to the prudence of the Financial Committee we have sufficient funds to pay our staff and commitments, but it’s going to be tough.

The General Committee and I have decided to open up access to the marina to enable you to check on your vessel/small craft only, under strict rules below as from Thursday 07 May 2020.
This does not include launching of any craft;
1) Customer Service Officers (CSO) will be at the entrance from 08h00 till 16h00
2) A mask must be worn at all times
3) Your temperature will be taken by a CSO every time you enter the premises, (Any rebuke of members towards the CSO will be viewed in a serious light)
4) Your hands must be sanitized at the entrance
5) All Club Member boat owners and live-aboard Members will be required to fill in a register supplying your name, phone number as well as time of entrance and exit. A current club membership card must be displayed on entry
6) Boat owners will only be allowed to go check on their craft for a maximum of 1 hour, once per week, doing emergency repairs if required
7) A limit of 20 boat owners will be allowed on site at one time. Only when one member exits may another member enter
8) Social distancing of 1.5m must be kept whilst waiting at the entrance and on Club property
9) The club house and braai areas will remain closed. The Marina Company offices will operate infrequently, dependant on emergency requirements
10) Most hard Contractors will be operating from Wed 06 May, from 08h00 to 16h00

I realise these are a lot of rules but at least we can check on our craft. Please do not abuse this relaxation of the rules, otherwise we will have no alternative but to stop all access.

I wish each and every one of you and your families health and happiness.

Your Commodore,
Rob Newman


It is with great sadness that we inform you that long-standing member Jan Ankerman, has passed away.
He was a boat owner and on the committee for years, many years ago at FBYC. He owned “Waterman” and Stadt 23.




Formation of CCRC – 2012 by Derrick Reid
Discussions regarding the formation of Ocean Rowing in the SA Navy between Derrick Read, Ulli Kossack, and Garth Lemkus started in February 2011.
Ulli and Derrick had seen Geordie Kohler row in a French build boat in the bay in February 2011, who then joined them at an Open Water Day hosted by Harry Elcock on the Bot River Lagoon.
The collection of open water sculls on show included Daggie Atkinson’s (past secretary of WC Rowing) fine double, notably Harry’s Tim Hutton sea Sculling Boat, Daggie’s sliding rigger open water scull, Geordies French boat, and Richard Starke’s surfboard. Derrick and Ulli used this opportunity to quiz Harry and Daggie about the Lotto boats kept at Zeekoevlei.
Bryne Chariot away
Bryne fixing ruddder
Trailer Loades for Flower Run 2013


LEFT: Fish under Z Marina
TOP: Infestation of small jelly fish in marina in April
Pics: Allan Lawrence


From Peter Isted return trip from the Rio To Cape Town via Tristan du cuna

Hi just like to say…… what an awesome trip from Rio to IL Grande and surrounding islands. We must have laid and pulled the anchor a hundred times, each island seamed more beautiful than the previous one, except for the last one, we could have stayed there for ever, beautiful privately tucked away bay. From there we headed for Tristan de Cunha. Wow what an island the remotest inhabited island in the world with only 270 people living there, incredabily lush and green for a volcanic island. We met with the locals at their pub and had an awesome time there. A very special place with special memories. Then we headed down south in search of wind. We finally we found wind down in the 40 latitudes, and headed back to Cape Town, where we got treaded to the good old south Easter blowing 57 knots on the nose, it was a slow motor to the RCYC. All I can say is wow, thanks to Mark, my crew mates Manie and Vincent and thanks to Allspice yachting for such an awesome adventure. The highlights are just too many to mention, but what struck me the most was the night sailing. You have this dark blue black saucer of ocean domed with an incredible array of stars from rim to rim……. It was spectacular. Then there was the comradery of the crew, who made every moment exciting and challenging. And then there is Mark……. what a Skipper with his caterpillar, Ronan, a Dean catamaran who just took what ever mother nature threw at her in her stride.

Thank you for an incredible adventure 👍


On the 22nd April 1970 Karen and I set sail from Cape Town in our 25ft yacht “Vertue Carina”, which has now been lovingly restored by Daniel Brink, on a voyage to Denmark and returned to Cape Town 3 years and 27000 nautical miles later.

Like most young people of that time we ran out of money and worked in England for 18 months. During this period Karen gave birth to our son who sailed back with us via France, Portugal, Canary Islands, Cape Verde and Brazil.
Karen published a book on the voyage, “The Baby Boat” .

Our youngest son, Graham, has inherited our genes, and is currently in Panama on our Yacht “Onyx”.

John Cross
The Voyage


Faced with a double whammy of lockdown and “bed rest” following an operation, I have been drawn to the vast repository of sailing knowledge available on YouTube. Every day I surf the internet for everything from the early history of competitive sailing to the development and application of space-age materials.

I am now an expert on sailing downwind (I have no spinnaker, but I know how to set and trim one to optimise planing on my boat that doesn’t plane), upwind and across the wind. I can adjust mast rake and cunningham tension. I can optimise the inhauler position and dump a wing sail with double skin aft section. I can even trim foils for goodness sake.

The only thing I can’t do is go for a sail!

Boy am I looking forward to our first race and shooting the breeze with the colourful crowd at the club. I know I’ll learn a lot more in ten minutes conversation over a beer than I have in weeks of surfing YouTube! But for now, I think I’ll mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water...and throw it in my face.
Gary Moss


SAILING magazine's Blast from the Past feature of press cuttings occasionally has articles relating to sailing events at FBYC. In recent months the 2 articles below were posted.

The first was a report on the 1986 WP championships which included 2 keelboat classes and 2 dinghy classes. How many times has it been done since? Will it ever be done again? It was in the final year before we emigrated to the UK and I crewed on Manta in 3rd position.
The second was on the extraordinary lengths taken to get to back to Simon's Town for FBYC regatta.

Sourced From the SAILING Mag Archives & Historical Records at http://sailing.co.za/from-the-archives/
Collated by Dave Staniforth
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