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Dolphyn Diary #379: 12 January 2021

"You're off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting so get on your way." Dr. Seuss


Members Please Note Club Rules under Lockdown Adjusted Level 3, following normal COVID protocols such as sanitizing, temperature checks and signing in at the main access point:

Curfew: Between 21h00 and 05h00. No access to the Club during curfew hours.

Masks must be worn at all times – this is not negotiable because the wearing of a mask covering your nose and mouth is required by LAW. Access will not be granted to persons who do not comply with this regulation.

Crow’s Nest Bar: Sale of alcohol prohibited – bar is closed until further notice. Members may not transport alcohol to and from their vessels.

Pier 23 Restaurant : Open to all from 08h00 to 16h00 daily. No alcohol to be served.

Social gatherings are prohibited – No braais, No swimming, No picnics on the lawn, No gatherings under the deck and on the upper level of the club.

Sailing /Powerboating : Allowed. Members must sign in their guests who are joining them on their boats.

Rowing/kayaking: Allowed. Slipway Access for launching boats : Allowed, usual trailer parking protocols to be adhered to. All recreational fishing members must have a recreational fishing permit.

Boats on the hard standing : Members may work on their boats on the hard.

We have to watch the capacity of 100 persons outside of the clubhouse very carefully as we have to consider the numbers including contractors and staff working at the Club.
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Pier 23
Monday to Sunday
08h00 till 16h00

The restaurant has a new bookings number 066 063 5280.
The banking sector has made an announcement.
All payments by cheque will be discontinued industry wide, with effect from 01 Jan 2021.


If you are interested in joining the fishing league or would like more information please contact Bryan Fitchat 083 788 7130


• Members are reminded that after launching, they may only park trailers & vehicles in demarcated bays. If no demarcated bays are available, separate your vehicle and trailer so that you can use single bays - please ensure that you do not cross bays. Parking is available on weekends and public holidays on the other side of the wall in the naval yard.

If you would like to join the FBYC Angling group please join by clicking on the button below.
Two Oceans Tuna Derby 2020 Raffle (3)



CCRC Development Rowing Programme - Lawhill Maritime Institute

At this time of the year, our coaching committee usually prepares for the new intake of LMI students.
This will once again be a wonderful privilege for all as students who choose to join the fray, usually do so on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. From our dedicated coaches, to the school management and students, there is no mistaking the all-round appreciation of how these connections become invaluable life experiences over three years, from Grade 10 to 12.

Just as we’ve applauded our own four matriculants in the CCRC family, we continue to applaud last year’s Grade 12 graduates, management and staff at LMI. Not only did they withstand the enormous COVID challenges for the majority of what should have been an exceptional year of celebration in their school careers, they also delivered good results on tough extramural choices.

Of particular interest, was the determination of some students who held out on their decisions to embrace both rowing and sailing. Thanks to FBYC, we are all lucky recipients of seeing them fly. In our case the boy and girl quads, doubles, and several single sculling achievers, moving boats beyond expectation. For us as a club, the cumulative results are most rewarding. Which, in many cases meant students learnt how to overcome a deep fear of the ocean, while learning to row. Hats off to you all!

With no choice but curtailing coaching for the last quarter, the year-end at last brought an opportunity to catch up with matric students. In the absence of our more than diligent Coach Manager Cath Greenwood, and Coach Master Derrick Read, two of our coaches Sasha Planting (Commodore) and Anna-Marie Smith (Tour Committee) attended the school’s Grade 12-year end prize giving. A small celebration with a limited number of maritime industry sponsors, staff and students, saw matriculants reminisce over their three years of rowing ‘magic’.

Thank you once again to every contributor who made a difference in so many lives. And, to our previous (still active) Commodore Pieter Coetzer, who not only initiated this program from his desk at SAMTRA some years ago, in his wisdom convinced Ivan Heesom-Green - SAMTRA CEO, now also CCRC Treasurer, that sailing and rowing connect just fine.

We hope to resume the 2021 coaching programme as soon as schools re-open again.

Yours in rowing at CCRC.



If You Are A Dedicated Yachtsman You Will Not Want To Miss This Fun And Entertaining Show

All money raised is In Aid Of The Marine Inspirations Charity which promotes young aspiring navigators from disadvantaged backgrounds. See www.MarineInspirations.org

Date: Thursday 14th January 2021
Time: 17.00 hrs GMT, (Europe 18.00 hrs:: South Africa 19.00 hrs:: EST in the USA 13.00: and in NZ.0600)
Marine Insperations - Webinar

After what seems like weeks of perpetual howling SE winds, Saturday the 9th offered a narrow window of opportunity to go sailing, and so a fun pursuit race was organized. With a sigh of relief at being temporarily freed from the shackles of Covid isolation and the hairdo-spoiling breeze, a fine fleet of 14 yachts entered – and so the race was on.
The course was simple – a port rounding of Seal Island and home. The prevailing wind meant this would be a run down and a beat back into the typically gusty westerly conditions.
The fist boats in the staggered start took off just before 11.00 am with the speedsters starting just over an hour later. Our start on Eish was toward the back of the fleet. Soon after our start, Coppelia was spotted flying an oversized flag from her masthead as she staggered back home. Fortunately I was saved from getting a crick in my neck as I didn’t have long to wait for all the quicks to overtake us. Now all the action was ahead!
The breeze held well till about a mile from Seal Island, where we drifted into a hole and watched with some degree of frustration as Avatar, Maker’s Mark and Nyama Choma cruised effortlessly by.
We were in good company though, with Salamander, Thalassa and Sea Otter suffering the same fate as we wafted down toward the island. Typically, as our noses poked out below the island, we were back into a sprightly breeze for the long beat back.
It was fantastic to be back on the water with a great fleet of happy sailors! Thanks Linsay for organizing, Simon and Steve for capturing the event and Rob for the loan of his duck to do so. What a great way to start the season. Hopefully shortly we’ll be able to exchange war stories in the pub!
The first Race of 2021 started with a pursuit race around Seal Island, a distance of 16 nm. A light breeze of about 10 knots saw Jasper the Flamenca together with an unofficial fleet of 2 extra dinghys and one laser lead a 13 boat fleet out of Simon’s Bay in a South Wester. It was a slow run to the island with the wind almost dying at the island and a difficult swell throwing in a challenge. The modified L34 reached the island ahead of the Cape 31 Nyama Choma skippered this time by Bruce Neil, which was in turn ahead of the Beneteau First 40 Makers Mark, helmed by Springbok yachtsman Billy Leisegang. Avatar cut inside at the island and it was a beat back to Simon’s Bay with the wind pressure building to 20 plus knots. The Cape 31 showed a clean stern all the way to the finish and demolished the rest of the fleet. Avatar was ahead of Makers Mark for quite a while after the island, but a piece of kelp caught below necessitated slowing down and going backwards to remove it, which enabled the Beneteau to firstly catch up and then overtake and never look back. Avatar caught up to Prion in Glencairn and then overtook the RCOD when she tacked into Glencairn, giving Avatar 3rd place behind the Cape 31 and the Beneteau.
Sailing Calendar 2021
Mykonos Offshore 2021 Poster Final
A few ideas for the "FUN SAILING WEEKEND" always weather permitting.

Details will be confirmed 10 days before the proposed "FUN SAILING WEEKEND"

1. Saturday cruise – anchor night off Simons Town beach, beach braai, Sunday cruise
2. Saturday rally to Hout Bay overnight Sunday return
3. Saturday rally to Gordons Bay overnight Sunday return (harbour depth permitting)
4. Invite dinghies from Imperial to join us, swop crews boats etc.
5. Swop crew Weekend. Skippers enter, crew drawn from a hat and allocated accordingly
6. Invite to Imperial and Zeekovlei to crew on our boats to gain experience
7. Invite the navy weekend to sail with us.
Here is a link to our active WhatsApp Sailing group - this will be used for all racing/sailing.

FBYC Cruising

Christmas Adventure on Mojo
A girls weekend on Chaela
The cruising groups intention is to improve communication and share with fellow sailors who may not be involved or have an interest in the club's racing WhatsApp group. The objective is to grow the active community of sailors at the club and use this as a platform for sharing joint sailing excursions whether it be for an afternoon raft up braai off Longbeach or an overnight crossing to Gordon's Bay. Sailors are encouraged to share your planned sailing trips, experiences and ideas on the group, there will additionally be planned cruise events arranged by club sailing in coming months.

Please feel free to share your experiences, knowledge and most of all your passion for sailing.
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