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Dolphyn Diary #382: 02 February 2021

"If you want the cooperation of humans around you, you must make them feel they are important - and you do that by being genuine and humble." - Nelson Mandela




Members Please Note Club Rules under Lockdown Adjusted Level 3, following normal COVID protocols such as wearing of masks, sanitizing, temperature checks and signing in at the main access point:

Curfew: Between 23h00 and 04h00. No access to the Club during curfew hours.

Crow’s Nest Bar: Open from 15h00 on weekdays and 11h00 on weekends & public holidays. Please note that last rounds will be called at 21h00, in order for the bar staff to cash up and close by 22h00. Members to please leave the premises once the bar is closed.

Pier 23 Restaurant: Open to all from 08h00-16h00, and from 08h00 – 20h00 on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Braai, Lawn & Swimming: Large social gatherings are still prohibited, but members may use the club facilities, following COVID regulations.

Please call the office (021 786 1703) if you wish to use the braai/lawn facilities, bearing in mind capacity limits. We have to watch the capacity of 100 persons outside of the clubhouse very carefully as we have to consider the numbers including contractors and staff working at the Club.

Thank you
FBYC Management
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How to save the Covid - App to your home screen.

iPhone :
1. Open the link in your Safari browser
2. At the bottom of your screen in the center is a square icon with an arrow pointing up, click on that.
3. Scroll up until you see the option Add to Home Screen.
4. You all set to go, just look for the FBYC logo. You might need to move it to your landing screen.

Any Android device:
1. Open the link in Chrome
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4. You all set to go.

Pier 23
Monday to Sunday
08h00 till 16h00

The restaurant has a new bookings number 066 063 5280.
CAPE TOWN to ST HELENA : 26 December 2018 to 8 January 2019

COMMANDER: Rob “Pineapple” Newman age : 65
CREW: Tanya “Poppie” Barten age : 46
Aubrey “Banda” de Klerk age : 50
Dave “Doc” Gillmer age : 70 Allie “Prof” Peter age : 68
Fiona “Fi-fi” Whitworth age : 46
Note : Every 24 hours is recorded from 14h00 to the next day at 14h00

DAY 1/11 (26/27 December)
Festive Christmas lunch with Rob and Lorraine. Stayed at Rob’s Dad’s place on Christmas night. Left early (0545h) to pick up all crew members. Drama from the start : Volvo would not perform as it appears that the pump attendant had put petrol into the diesel car! Slow trip to passport/customs control. Then off to RCYC for crew photos and the blessing of the fleet. Then onto Compromise to check all gear – the auxiliary generator difficult to start and had to send for a few cans of quick start. Rob and I worked on the yacht and the rest of the crew went off to buy some last minute supplies – bread/rolls etc. Slipped the lines at 12h30 and said cheers to our well-wishers (Gillian, Lorraine, Kim, Hendrix and a few other friends, (one of whom survived the sinking of Voortrekker II during the last Cape to Rio) and motored out of the yacht marina. The gun went at 14h00 and we set off in flukey wind. Reached Madiba’s old home and were virtually blown back to Cape Town off Hout Bay - very slow boat to China (I mean St Helena). Battled through the night on a bumpy sea – most of the crew felt sea sick and Doc got properly sick. Eventually got some wind at 04h30, slightly wrong direction but did start going North – oh boy! I put out the rods at first light and we managed to catch 3 very nice yellow tail – Banda got one of about 8 kgs – enough for dinner, so we stopped fishing.
Beers consumed : 15 (piss poor but weather was not condusive)
Gin : 6 tots
Distance covered : 113 nautical miles
Top speed : Not recorded

DAY 2/11 (27/28 December)
The afternoon turned into quite a hectic ride with moderate wind and cross waves hitting us from time to time. Brunch (we have two meals a day!) was taken at around 12h00 and consisted of wraps filled with egg, bacon and salad. Dinner menu was fresh yellow tail, boiled potatoes and salad. The night was gusty with lots of crashing and banging. Doc starting to feel a little more human – thank Goodness! He has come to the conclusion that there are no drugs for sea sickness and a sufferer must sit it out for approx. 48 hours before the illness stops. Trouble with satellite phone again! After a disjointed night we awoke to flukey winds and after a number of sail changes, we ended up with a steady balanced Compromise being pulled along by the large pink gennaker. Going along at a very steady 7 knots and back on the rhumb line. Doc a whole lot better and even suggested we put a few beers on ice for him. Not fishing as the yacht is moving too fast and we have enough fish in stock. Boat steady/no sail changes and the crew happy and very content and relaxed. Made water/drained the heb-cooler, pumped the bilges.
Dop register: 8 beers only/6 whiskeys (girls)/4 gins/1 rum – not a good effort!
Distance 189 nautical miles
Top speed : 14.0 knots

DAY 3/11(28/29 December)
What an afternoon! Wind started picking up and we had to take down the large gennaker - major balls up as the toilet seat has broken in half (this is the guide that pulls the sock over the sail to drop or hoist it) and the dropping of the sail was a mission. The wind started gusting up to 30 knots and reefs had to be installed in both the main (2 reefs) and the jib (1 reef). Dinner was a big challenge in extreme conditions (big seas/strong wind) and we had decided to braai. I put some beautiful lamb chops in a bucket of water to thaw when a big gust hit the yacht and a wave claimed the bucket and chops for Neptune (lucky fellow!) We did eventually manage to braai some boerie and sosaties. The night was a bit rough, however the crew managed some good rest. The morning saw Pineapple and Banda doing a Magiver on the gennaker sock – two splints of bamboo on the guide and the toilet seat is sorted. After the repair this sail was hoisted with absolute success as the wind had moderated – the big bag is operational. Doc is back to normal and even had a beer at dinner. “Fi-fi” is a champ in the sailing and cooking department/”Pineapple” the best fixit man in the world/ ”Poppie” the number 1 cleaner and planner/ Aubrey proving to be a fantastic “Banda”/ ”Doc” is fully operational and, thanks to Banda, I slept until 06h00 – this was conditional upon my making him a number of polisie coffees (2 large spoons of coffee powder/ 2 sugar and 2 tots of 10 year old KWV plus ½ cup of water) which he uses as a heart starter. Tried a little fishing. Hooked one but lost it. The wind freshened and chalked up many miles. Compromise doing a great job.
Dops : 19 beers (better effort!)/4 whiskeys, couple of gins and a number of brandies
Distance : 182 nautical miles
Top speed: 16,5 knots

DAY 4/11 (29/30 December)
A very pleasant morning with a brunch at 11h30 consisting of two sided wraps with left over fillings and cheese – delicious! The afternoon was calm and after a couple of sail changes we settled down to a team drink. Poppie and Fi-fi treated us to a well cooked Thai fish curry and basmati rice and we sat down for our first team dinner as up to this point the weather had been hectic. Strawberries and chocolate for sweets. Great evening followed by our night watch routine. Quite a rough night and at daybreak the wind became gusty and by 07h00 we tried two major sail changes to settle eventually on the big bag up. Being pulled along at a steady 7 knots. It has been reported that we are leading the fleet on handicap (08h00).Last night we put a message in a gin bottle and hope that someone picks it up on a South American beach and contacts us! Today was a major clean up day. Did our report to Race Control and prepared brunch. Wind dropped and the sun came out properly for the first time on this voyage. Back to fishing. Quote of the trip from Banda : “It is so lekker to hear nuffing from nobody”
Dops: 21 beers (that’s better!) 6 whiskeys/10 gins and 14 brandies
Distance : 156 nautical miles
Top speed : 16,1 knots

DAY 5/11 (30/31 December)
A peaceful afternoon with light winds and sunshine. The skipper decided we needed some exercise – so – sail changes. A number of them (goosewing/small gennaker/large gennaker – greatcoats on/greatcoats off). Then as the sun was setting, the decision was made to go back to the old favourite ie main plus jib for the night. Very good dinner with Pineapple doing sweetcorn and Brussel sprouts his way – garlic/chilli and butter served with grilled rump steak and Pineapple’s special pepper sauce. Pleased to report that the consumption rate has gone up in the beer department – maybe Doc is back on form/a hot day/a number of sail changes and a general relaxation from a very happy crew. Back fishing at sunrise (first proper sunrise of the trip) and have had to put up the big bag as the breeze is light and it is flying beautifully. Lovely quiet morning, azure sea, light wind, flying two gennakers now and looks magnificent. The crew doing laundry and relaxing properly for the first time in five days! Will report to Race Control at 10h00 SA time which is standard procedure. We are in a new time zone and will pass another before St Helena as they are on GMT. Banda decided to do a bit of photography on the foredeck and lost his brand new go-pro overboard. He says the money is “nuffing” but he has now lost his record of this fantastic trip. He will just have to console himself by drinking more polisie!13h20 and have just done another hectic sail change as the wind has got up. Interesting to note that by nightfall, we should be half way to St Helena.
Dops: 25 beers/10 gins and 14 brandies
Distance : 172 nautical milesTop speed : 14,0 knots

To be continued in next weeks newsletter... Days 6 - 11


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Who would ever have guessed how much our legal, halfway swims would be appreciated in the future!

While we count our lucky stars that coastal rowing has continued with masks, sanitiser and social distancing during this lockdown period, our hearts go out to all land rowing partners and surfing communities prohibited from the water. Hopefully not for long now.We have in the meantime, enjoyed the pleasures of welcoming a good number of new members. Not only are we coaching novice rowers, but also experienced past rowers. Who, with more time on their hands to re-enter the fold, are able to follow their passion towards the enjoyment of a sustainable re-creational activity. Well known for its physical and mental health benefits, coastal rowing assures young and old of oodles of fun while staying connected at every level.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to newby rower Liz Cotton, who after years of looking down on us with glee from the top of the hill, has taken the leap of faith and making wonderful progress. Rob McKay, also a cyclist who was introduced by our regular visitor, his daughter Tessa from Canada, is re-visiting a rowing career of 50 years ago at UCT now having bags of fun. Another new member, is Dick Coppinger who finally discovered a few gaps in his jam-packed cycling schedule to make the transition from a fine boat sweep oar career at Trinity College and others over 30 years ago to sculling on the ocean. Wonderful to have you all on board!While local rowing tours remain on hold, our latest training project in the making, is preparation for the 27 km Prescient Freedom Paddle around Robben Island on 27 April with about 18 entries so far. Best wishes to all our participants as you’re getting ready for the challenge.

Lastly, is our sheer delight with the excellent progress made by Zirk Botha, now well ahead of schedule, increasingly likely to reach Rio considerably earlier than planned. Wishing him stars aligned, fair winds, and good conditions for the last part of his unique adventure!

Cape Coastal Rowing Club


Hull inspection deadline extended to 1 July; thereafter no COF without a valid hull inspection

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High resolution prints are available to purchase from Simon McDonnell simon@macmedia.co.za
Thank you Micah for snapping these shots while out on your ski boat Apache.
Here is a link to our active WhatsApp Sailing group - this will be used for all racing/sailing.


The Mykonos Offshore is the favourite event of the year for most of us. Rather than cancel it next month, we have decided to postpone the race to the weekend of Sat 24 and Sun 25 April. Hopefully the state of the Covid pandemic will allow us to run a successful event that weekend. Tuesday the 27th of April is a public holiday allowing you to bring your boat back on the Monday or Tuesday. Club Mykonos will shift any accommodation bookings you have made to that weekend.
Mykonos Offshore 2021 Poster Final
Sail Cape Town Poster 2021
Sailing Calendar 2020 - 2021
A few ideas for the "FUN SAILING WEEKEND" always weather permitting.

Details will be confirmed 10 days before the proposed "FUN SAILING WEEKEND"

1. Saturday cruise – anchor night off Simons Town beach, beach braai, Sunday cruise
2. Saturday rally to Hout Bay overnight Sunday return
3. Saturday rally to Gordons Bay overnight Sunday return (harbour depth permitting)
4. Invite dinghies from Imperial to join us, swop crews boats etc.
5. Swop crew Weekend. Skippers enter, crew drawn from a hat and allocated accordingly
6. Invite to Imperial and Zeekovlei to crew on our boats to gain experience
7. Invite the navy weekend to sail with us.

FBYC Cruising

Want to share your story/ weekend adventure?

Please send to Linsay at marketing@fbyc.co.za

The cruising groups intention is to improve communication and share with fellow sailors who may not be involved or have an interest in the club's racing WhatsApp group. The objective is to grow the active community of sailors at the club and use this as a platform for sharing joint sailing excursions whether it be for an afternoon raft up braai off Longbeach or an overnight crossing to Gordon's Bay. Sailors are encouraged to share your planned sailing trips, experiences and ideas on the group, there will additionally be planned cruise events arranged by club sailing in coming months.

Please feel free to share your experiences, knowledge and most of all your passion for sailing.
Roger - To Let
To Let - A very secure, quiet, first floor studio flat in central Simons Town with balcony and beautiful views of the Bay and Yacht Harbour. A five minute walk to all shops and restaurants and the Yacht Club.
Private entrance from road level.
Available on an unfurnished or semi-furnished basis at your choice.
The monthly rent of R6200 covers electricity, water and services.
Available with immediate effect.
Street Parking available
Phone Roger on 0837743630
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