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Dolphyn Diary #383: 09 February 2021

"May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars." - Johnny Depp



Crow’s Nest: Please note that the Crow’s Nest closes strictly at 22h00 in the evenings as staff have to round up all outstanding tabs and close up in time for curfew at 23h00.
There have been some incidents over this past weekend. Members must please be courteous and leave the club premises as soon as they have paid their bills at the bar. Last rounds will be called as usual.

Swimming Raft: Members, please watch your children whilst they are swimming and ensure they are playing safely whilst on the swimming raft.

Bridge: No jumping off this bridge is allowed. Members to please read the signs.

Restaurant Entrance: This is for non-members only. Members are to use the main security entrance and must exit there as well.

Thank you
FBYC Management


Burgee Handover:
Kevin Kennedy, a visitor from Hyannis Yacht Club, Massachusetts, USA, doing a burgee handover with FBYC Member David Shuttleworth.
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INTASURE DRAW notice_Nov 2020
Pier 23
Monday to Sunday
08h00 till 16h00

The restaurant has a new bookings number 066 063 5280.
CAPE TOWN to ST HELENA : 26 December 2018 to 8 January 2019

COMMANDER: Rob “Pineapple” Newman age : 65
CREW: Tanya “Poppie” Barten age : 46
Aubrey “Banda” de Klerk age : 50
Dave “Doc” Gillmer age : 70 Allie “Prof” Peter age : 68
Fiona “Fi-fi” Whitworth age : 46
Note : Every 24 hours is recorded from 14h00 to the next day at 14h00

DAY 6 (31 December 1 January)
A wonderful, hot afternoon with Fi-fi conjuring up a chicken curry and a Caribbean punch for our New Year party tonight. We have invited the whole fleet to attend but they are so far away from us we don’t think they will make it! A few cold beers and a repair to the mainsail batten holder. Weather magnificent and clear. Dinner served at about 20h00 and then a proper New Year party started with suitable music and many celebratory drinks. We are in touch with a Liberian freighter (Northern Debonair) which we could see about 8 nautical miles away. They fired a number of flares at midnight and steamed past us bound for New York. We wished each other happy new year on the radio and continued with our party – all in all a great party which ended at about 03h00. Poppie and Fi-fi missed their watches and Doc only had half his watch to do. Very quiet on the morning of the 1st but 66% of the crew was up by 08h00. Compromise doing exceptionally well at a steady 8 knots with just big pink flying, however it is going to be a LONG day! In our report to Race Control, we mentioned that we are “the boat that rocks”. Back to fishing – Banda wants to braai a fish. Put up a second gennaker and once again resembled a Lateen rigged dhow. It increases our speed by 1 knot.
Dops: 31 beers/2 bottles of champagne/Caribbean punch and uncountable brandy, whiskey, rum (after all, it was new year!)
Distance : 184 nautical miles
Top speed : 13,4 knots

DAY 7 (1/2 January)
Doc and I had our first swim off the back of Compromise. Pineapple has bought a great harness which works like a charm. A calmish afternoon with me putting supper together (pasta bolognaise, grated cheese and salad) while the rest of the crew had sundowners on the foredeck – noticed that Fi-fi was off the dops – must have been too much Jamieson the night before. Enjoyed our dinner followed by a lemon cheesecake ala Compromise put together by Doc and Pineapple – culinary experts? Went to bed at about 21h30 (SA time, we have now covered two time zones). Decided to move the watches forward by one hour.
All hell broke loose at about 02h00 with the big gennaker folded around the forestay. While putting on his safety leash and life jacket, Pineapple inflated his jacket in error – looked like Michelin man – quite serious but very amusing! Had to work out how to deflate the life jacket manually. Rectified the sails. However in the early morning the winds became flukey. We had to do some hectic sail juggling to balance the yacht. Lovely sunrise this morning and it looks like we will have a great day. We estimate we should be in St Helena by Saturday – 567 nautical miles to go and we are presently travelling at an average of 7,2 knots. At around 11h00 we sailed through very large patches of krill – now looking for sperm whales as this is their principal source of food. The wind is not playing along and we tried a number of different sail combinations in an attempt to coax all the speed out of the wind. Unfortunately no fish.
Dops: 15 beers only plus 10 other drinks (definitely a slow day!)
Distance : 174 nautical miles
Top speed : 14,2 knots

DAY 8 (2/3 January)
Clear, partially sunny afternoon just lazing around doing little chores – Pineapple and Banda rewired the sound system/Poppie and Fi-fi started preparing the dinner/Doc patching up Banda who slipped on the foredeck and took a chunk out of his foot. Banda caught a smallish dorado which has been filleted and will form part of our brunch tomorrow. The whole crew started having a few dops in accordance with SA time – mistake. We reached the milestone of 500 nautical miles to go and made a group decision to change to St Helena time ie we wound back our clocks by two hours. This led to a protracted sun-downer session and an impromptu party with an ungraded music system and a happy well gelled crew. A world class mutton curry followed by a ginger/date baked pudding saw everybody, except the watch girls, in bed by 21h30.A good steady night’s sail with Compromise dead on course, travelling at 7,2 knots. Dull overcast morning and a steady breeze of 12/15 knots. Compromise very quiet this morning – Banda failed to make his watch but did get up for a smoke and then straight back to bed – let sleeping dogs lie! Very enjoyable brunch consisting of savoury rice and fresh fresh dorado.
The day has got hotter and we are now bathed in full sunshine. Sails doing a great job.
Dops: 29 beers/gin/brandy/whiskey and rum
Distance : 171 nautical miles
Top speed : 14,7 knots

DAY 9 (3/4 January)
A very lazy afternoon and the good ship Compromise is steadily making progress towards St H. No sail changes necessary for a straight 36 hours – the longest on this trip so far. With a bit of luck we will be able to keep this configuration all the way to the finish line. Wind puffing at about 12 knots. Had a great evening meal – a traditional SA braai. This time WE ate the chops and Neptune got zero. The girls found a bottle of red (Diemersdal nogal) and are very happy. Pineapple turned in quite early and was sleeping with his hatch open when a flying fish flew into his cabin and landed in his ear – great hilarity from all on deck. Serves him right as he dangled a fish in Banda’s face the other morning while Banda was trying to sleep – is this a message from the flying fish gods – is this what makes matelots superstitious??This morning (06h30) finds us 220 nautical miles from the end. Caught two beautiful Dorado – one was filleted and the other released. This should be our last full day at sea – a rather ambivalent feeling – anxious to get there but really enjoying the trip. The wind has disappeared completely and we are virtually going backwards. The wind started puffing at approx 10 knots – great!! Should be able to see St Helena early this afternoon.
Dops: 26 beers, a number of gins and brandy and 1 bottle of red wine
Distance : 178 nautical miles
Top speed : 14,5 knots

DAY 10 (4/5 January)
Very slow start – totally becalmed, however the wind did pick up a little bit later and we moved along very slowly. Dinner consisted of a chicken braai accompanied by the skipper’s sweetcorn ala Mexicana (chilli and cheese) cole slaw and baked potatoes. A relatively good quiet night. SOG now up to 6,6 nautical miles per hour. This morning finds us 70 nautical miles away from the island. Have just received a call from St Helena Radio (07h25) wanting to know our position, the number of persons on board and our ETA. Very very light winds, most most frustrating.
Dops: 25 beers/gin/brandy/rum and wine
Distance : 147 nautical miles
Top speed : 12,2 knots

DAY 11 (5 January)
Slowly, slowly, slowly we approach the rock – we are not going to get there in daylight. We are now talking to St Helena Radio, St Helena Port Authority as well as the St Helena Yacht Club. All are anxious to know our ETA. It sounds like the fellow at the Port Authority is falling asleep and the Yacht Club has packed up for the day. Consequently we will have to take our own time when the cross the finishing line. Fi-fi has recorded the buoy positions on our GPS. I put a bottle of champagne on ice in anticipation of our crossing the line. We eventually crossed the line at 21h38, a total race time of 11 days, 9 hours, 38 minutes and 47 seconds. It has taken us 14 hours to do 50 nautical miles. I make the biggest boob of the whole trip by popping the champagne which turns out to be non-alcoholic. Needless to say the question was “who brings moffie champagne onto Compromise” – Poppie did own up by saying she had entertained some of her Muslim colleagues on the yacht.
Dops: 31 beers and a bucket full of gin and brandy. The rum had been finished the day before.
Top speed : Very slow

Time: 11 days, 9 hours, 38 minutes and 47 seconds.
Distance covered: 1714 nautical miles
Average speed: 6,27 knots
Average age: 57,5 years
Fish caught: 3 yellowtail, 6 dorado and a number of flying fish (by default)
Beers consumed: 10,21 cases
Other dops: 6 bottles gin, 9 bottles 10 year old KWV, 1 bottle Captain Morgan, 2 bottles whiskey, 3 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of champagne and half a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne.
Tense incidents: Only 1 – when the skipper messed up Poppie’s galley – she threatened to shove a pineapple up his nether regions.
Laughs: Too many to record.


WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Very unusual catch made in smits, Scientist have seen one other similar specimen before and it was ID as a golden albino hottentot.



South African Sailing Newsletter January 2021

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Hull inspection deadline extended to 1 July 2021; thereafter no COF without a valid hull inspection

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Wednesday Twilight Race 03 February 2021

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Sailing Calendar 2020 - 2021
A few ideas for the "FUN SAILING WEEKEND" always weather permitting.

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4. Invite dinghies from Imperial to join us, swop crews boats etc.
5. Swop crew Weekend. Skippers enter, crew drawn from a hat and allocated accordingly
6. Invite to Imperial and Zeekovlei to crew on our boats to gain experience
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