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Dolphyn Diary #264: 25 June 2018


REMINDER: 2018/2019 Membership Fees
19 Jun 2018
Dear Member
It is that time of the year when annual subscriptions become due and payable. The Club Constitution prescribes that all subscriptions shall fall due on 1st July and be paid by 1st August. This year there is likely to be a 6% increase applicable for the 2018/2019 membership year.
As an early bird concession, members electing to use electronic banking (Electronic Fund Transfer) as their means of payment will qualify for a 5% concession, which may only be deducted from the Club membership portion of their account. This concession is only applicable up to and including 22 July 2018.
We regret that alternative means of payment, including cheque, credit card, debit card and cash will not qualify for the 5% concession. The reason for this is that these payment options attract an additional and significant bank fee and considering our financial times, including the high CPI, we would not be able to accept a lower than inflation increase.
Most members are extremely co-operative regarding making payment prior to 1st August, but those few that fail to do so are reminded that, in terms of the Club Constitution, any subscriptions outstanding as at 1st October will result in the members concerned ceasing to be members of False Bay Yacht Club and being barred from entering the Club premises.
Finally, anyone wishing to resign in good standing between 1st July and 30th September 2017 may do so, but will be required to pay a pro rata portion of the 2018/2019 fees. Therefore, if you intend handing in your resignation, please do it this month to avoid any charges.
Yours sincerely
Anthony Wentworth

The annual membership fees per category will increase as follows;
Ordinary Membership R4 600 Ordinary Family Membership R5 060
Senior Membership R2 300 Senior Family Membership R2 760
Country Membership R1 150 Country Family Membership R1 610
Cadet Membership R2 300
Junior Membership R460

In addition to your subs, the following affiliation fees would be applicable for the various categories of membership.
WPDSAA affiliation fees: R240
SA Sailing affiliation fees;
Individual / Ordinary Member R480
Family Member R720
Student / Junior (13-20 yrs) R96
Cadet / Tertiary Student (21-26 yrs) R144
Senior / Country Member R192
Other - 40% of Individual fee R192
Slipway Levy R575
Invoices will be emailed on Monday 02/03 July 2018 – the above amounts do not reflect your full invoice amount, please wait for the invoice next month.
Kind Regards


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