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Dolphyn Diary #387: 09 March 2021

"Here comes the sun, and I say. It's all right." - Beatles


Dear Members,

As per our Standard Operating Procedure for Access Control, you are required to carry your electronic membership access card with you whilst you are at the Club. The security access control point is there to ensure that correct procedure is followed for all forms of membership. This also means that your membership card may NOT be given to anyone else, under ANY circumstances. The Customer Service Officers will ask to see your membership card at point of entry. If you are experiencing a problem at the gate then please go to our Admin Office downstairs to have your access card checked.

Guests of Members: Are to be signed in on the guest register at the main access control gate. The Member must meet guests at the gate and accompany them at all times.

On site Contractors: Members with electronic access cards + photo

Staff of on-site Contractors: identified via a staff card + photo

Registered off-site Contractors: Persons with electronic access cards + photo

Casual off-site Contractors: Are directed to the admin office downstairs where they fill out a Contractor’s register and will be issued with a courtesy access card after permission has been granted by the Member. If 2 people are coming to work on a boat, both need to sign in. Here we need the co-operation of all Members who are required to contact Yvonne to alert the club that a contractor will be coming through to work on their boat. Contact via email / telephone would suffice. admin@fbyc.co.za

Z marina access: Members are reminded to sign in at the main access control gate before proceeding to the Z marina gate.

Restaurant entrance: This is for non-members only. Members are requested to use the Club’s main security entrance and should exit there as well.

Your full co-operation will be appreciated.


How to save the Covid - App to your home screen.

iPhone :
1. Open the link in your Safari browser
2. At the bottom of your screen in the center is a square icon with an arrow pointing up, click on that.
3. Scroll up until you see the option Add to Home Screen.
4. You all set to go, just look for the FBYC logo. You might need to move it to your landing screen.

Any Android device:
1. Open the link in Chrome
2. On the top right hand side of the screen, tap on the 3 dots.
3. Tap on Add to Home screen.
4. You all set to go.

INTASURE DRAW notice_Nov 2020
Pier 23
Monday to Sunday
08h00 till 16h00 and from 08h00 – 20h00 on Wednesdays and Fridays.
The restaurant has a new bookings number 066 063 5280.


Members Please Note Club Rules under Lockdown Level 1, following normal COVID protocols such as wearing of masks, sanitizing, temperature checks and signing in at the main access point:

Curfew: Between midnight and 04h00. No access to the Club during curfew hours.

Crow’s Nest Bar: Open from 15h00 on weekdays and 11h00 on weekends & public holidays.

Closing times below:

Friday to Sunday: Bar will close at 23h00.

Monday to Thursday: Bar will close at 22h00.Last rounds will be called one hour prior to closing times. Members to please leave the premises once the bar is closed.

Pier 23 Restaurant: Open to all from 08h00-16h00, and from 08h00 – 20h00 on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Braai, Lawn & Swimming: Large social gatherings are still prohibited, but members may use the club facilities, following COVID regulations.

Please call the office (021 786 1703) if you wish to use the braai/lawn facilities, bearing in mind capacity limits. We have to watch the capacity of 100 persons outside of the clubhouse very carefully as we have to consider the numbers including contractors and staff working at the Club.

Thank you

FBYC Management

Copy of Gift Voucher

Keep an eye out for next week's newsletter and another chance to win R 250 voucher.


Dear All
Attached below, please find a WPDSAA call for nominations for the 2021 Own Choice Tuna Inter-Provincial to be held at Cape Boat & Ski-boat Club, Simon’s Town between 17th and 22nd May 2021.

If you would like to join the FBYC Angling group please join by clicking on the button below.

Daphne Du Cap setting sail from FBYC on 3rd March

To our dearest family & friends,

Firstly, please excuse this generic email. It was not our intention to include everybody under one umbrella, but our 'energy and time' tank is now on empty, and so we resort to this impersonal message.

After a terribly frantic few months trying to tie up all the loose ends before we head off on ‘Daphne’, we are finally at the point of departure.

We depart Simon’s Town in a day or two for Table Bay, where we have to clear customs and immigration. In the first weather window at the end of next week, we will head off on our adventure, headed for Ascension Island, about 18 days sailing from Cape Town. From Ascension, which is about a third of the way on the crossing to the Caribbeans, we will start the 2nd leg of our journey to Grenada at the southern end of the Lesser Antilles.

Our plans after arrival in Grenada are a little uncertain. During the hurricane season (July to November), we hope to fly to UK & Ireland, returning to the Caribbean in October to prepare for our next stage of travel. Current planing is to head up the chain of islands to Cuba and then to the Bahamas. From there, in early 2022, we will head across the north Atlantic to the Azores and finally UK / Ireland. This is plan 'A'; as the end of the year looms, we will most probably be on plan ‘Z'.

We have leant on many of you for help & support to get this venture off the ground and we can’t expressive adequately enough our gratitude. Thank you, thank you!




Our proudest club moments have multiplied somewhat since Zirk's departures, and now home arrival from Rio after 90 days at sea.

Joining CCRC's learn to row programme some years back, where coach Master Derrick Read insisted on perfect strokes, together with brilliant navigational skills, have probably been some of the greatest investments Zirk could have made for his long haul preparation.

Well done Zirk for pulling off this incredible feat, for making us proud, and inspiring everyone around you to achieve greater things! Setting a new world record with an unaided solo ocean crossing in a rowing boat, has no doubt raised the bars of both coastal and ocean rowing across the world.

Huge thanks to Zirk's land support CCRC club friend Geordie Kohler and Alison for their support before, during, and after Zirk's journey.

We now look forward to celebrating with you in true Cape Coastal style.
Enjoy the home coming!
Zirk 2
Zirk 4
Zirk 1
Zirk 3


Hull inspection deadline extended to 1 July 2021; thereafter no COF without a valid hull inspection

Want to share your story/ weekend adventure?

Please send to Linsay at marketing@fbyc.co.za

Compass Rose Poster


Never a dull moment on Eish! For the second time in as many months, the NSRI leapt to our assistance and saved our bacon on Saturday. Huge thanks to everyone who rallied to assist and support - particularly Andrew and crew on Stella for taking us in tow and looking after Linda, Rael and crew on Moonraker for standing by and, once again, especially to the NSRI legends for putting us back on our feet! The guys and gal in red were fantastic and handled the situation confidently and decisively. We could not have hoped for a better outcome! With my feisty but somewhat bruised and battered crew threatening mutiny, I expect we will be sailing a little more conservatively for a while.
A few ideas for the "FUN SAILING WEEKEND" always weather permitting.

Details will be confirmed 10 days before the proposed "FUN SAILING WEEKEND"

1. Saturday cruise – anchor night off Simons Town beach, beach braai, Sunday cruise
2. Saturday rally to Hout Bay overnight Sunday return
3. Saturday rally to Gordons Bay overnight Sunday return (harbour depth permitting)
4. Invite dinghies from Imperial to join us, swop crews boats etc.
5. Swop crew Weekend. Skippers enter, crew drawn from a hat and allocated accordingly
6. Invite to Imperial and Zeekovlei to crew on our boats to gain experience
7. Invite the navy weekend to sail with us.
Sailing Calendar 2020 - 2021

FBYC Cruising

Want to share your story/ weekend adventure?

Please send to Linsay at marketing@fbyc.co.za

The cruising groups intention is to improve communication and share with fellow sailors who may not be involved or have an interest in the club's racing WhatsApp group. The objective is to grow the active community of sailors at the club and use this as a platform for sharing joint sailing excursions whether it be for an afternoon raft up braai off Longbeach or an overnight crossing to Gordon's Bay. Sailors are encouraged to share your planned sailing trips, experiences and ideas on the group, there will additionally be planned cruise events arranged by club sailing in coming months.

Please feel free to share your experiences, knowledge and most of all your passion for sailing.
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