False Bay Yacht Club


29 JUNE 2021


"Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go, it is
the fragile blossom that opens in the snow." Alice Mackenzie Swain


Members, please note:

Whilst you are on Club premises, please adhere to all Covid protocols. The wearing of masks is COMPULSORY.



URGENT notice to Members

Members, please note Club Rules under Adjusted Lockdown Level 4

Curfew: 21h00 until 04h00

Masks are to be worn at all times whilst on club premises. NO MASK – NO ENTRY.

Hand sanitizing and temperature checks will be conducted at the entrances.

All members to sign-in on the Covid Access Form or preferably use the FBYC Covid App.

Crow’s Nest Bar:
The bar is closed for at least 2 weeks – no alcohol sales are permitted anywhere.
Pier 23 Restaurant:
Only take-away foods to be served - no alcohol sales are permitted anywhere.
Trading until 18h00 on Wednesdays and Fridays for evening collections.
Normal trading until 16h00 for the rest of the week.

Braai, Lawn & Swimming:
All social gatherings are prohibited.
Please adhere to proper social distancing and Covid-19 protocols.
Restrictions will remain in place until 11 July 2021.

Thank you - FBYC Management

Important notice to Members

Our financial year-end is 30th June and subscriptions for the coming year are due in July.

The General Committee would like to thank members for their ongoing support at the Club over the past year. Although Covid-19 has impacted everyone in the country and it has certainly not been easy for many of us, we are happy to tell you that the club has survived and continues to operate on a sound footing.

Renewal of Subscriptions:

Member Subscription invoices for the year to 30 June 2022 will be sent out on 1st July 2021 and are due by 1st August 2021.

Due to the hardships experienced by many members, the subscriptions were not increased last year. However, due to inflation on the costs of running the club, it is necessary that the coming year’s subscriptions be increased by 5% in order to cover this increase in the club's expenses. The affiliation fees to SAS and WPDSA have also increased marginally and will be reflected on your invoice accordingly.

A small discount will be granted to all members paying by 31st July. Members may, by arrangement with the club, request for payment terms to pay by 30th September.


Kindly note that in terms of the Clubs Constitution, should you not wish to renew your membership, you are obliged to advise the Club (Yvonne admin@fbyc.co.za) before the end of June, otherwise billing will automatically take place and will become due and payable. Any resignations received after that date will incur pro-rata subscription fees up to the date of resignation.

Weight Calculation & Ad Hoc Inspection

Please take note of the SAMSA notice with respect to the increase in crew weight calculation. Weight calculation is now based on an average of 82.5kg per person.

Read Marine Notice No. 3 >

Please note that SAMSA will be doing random spot checks on small craft fitness, safety equipment and COF at all launching sites. All pertinent paperwork must be on board including VHF radio license receipts.

Safety Notice to Members

Please be aware of your surroundings and practice safety first when swimming or snorkeling in the marina. Divers are to follow protocol with the use of a diving buoy.

Eco Bricks Whale

Members, please note that the Eco Bricks Whale has been taken down for maintenance and we will therefore not be collecting eco-bricks until further notice.

Kayak/Surfski Racks

Members, please note that the kayak rack hire fee will be increased to R500 per annum, with effect from 1 July 2021, when the annual billing takes place.

Those members who are currently hiring racks until 30 June 2021, are to please let the club (admin@fbyc.co.za) know whether they will be renewing for the next year.
Please note that there is a long waiting list for availability of racks, and only members who are regular paddlers should retain their racks.

We need to be fair and give all members a chance to utilise this facility.


Last Wednesday – 23 June 2021 – saw us give race 1 of our Winter Wednesday Twilight Sailing Series another go. Unfortunately, the wind didn’t show up … again!

On Saturday the Youth Sail Training produced another awesome illustration by http://rheecemoonjava.art/

Thanks Rheece, I feel like we are all learning with you!

On Sunday – 27 June 2021 – a few brave yachties headed out for a Medium Distance Race in a blustery North-Wester. Many thanks to Hedley Prince for manning the bridge and to Pier 23 for sponsoring the prize. Well done to all aboard Stella for the win. Second place was Makers Mark and in third place, Compromise.

Just a reminder please to all boat owners who would like to race in the upcoming season to email Nikki – sailing@fbyc.co.za – and let her know. This is for the renewal of the ORC club ratings.

Upcoming Sailing & Important Announcements

Please note: All organised sailing events are suspended until the 11th of July.

WCPSC Coronavirus Third Wave Advisory

WCPSC - 3rd Wave Advisory
Members, please note that as per the above notice from WCPSC, all club racing/events will be cancelled for the duration of the current lockdown level 4. Members may still access their vessels via the club premises.
Mossel Bay Race 2021

On a sad note, Ivor Sindler has passed away

Many thanks to Rael Kassel for the tribute (below) to a man who was well-known to FBYC.
My tribute to the late Ivor Sindler, former Chairman of the JML (Jewish Maritime League), who passed away on Saturday after a long illness, bravely born.
Ivor Sindler, an accomplished sailor and keen racing yachtsman, passed away Sat. Ivor was previously the Chairman of the JML for many years, an accountant by profession, and very passionate about sailing and racing, and about getting youth sailing and sailing for previously disadvantaged persons to succeed. Ivor and his committee, comprising of previous Commodore of FBYC Alvin Kushner, Rael Kassel, Bertie Phillips, Saul Stein, strove to ensure that the JML 2 which was previously based at FBYC, was kept well maintained and in good and working order and seaworthy. Ivor steered his committee to ensure the JML boats were always used to their full potential and were being rightly used. In addition to the JML2 the JML also sponsored the JML Rotary Scout which was also previously based at our club. Ivor contributed a great deal of his time to the JML cause and to ensure that sailing for previously disadvantaged persons and youth would be encouraged and fostered and thereby enabling these sailors to compete nationally and internationally and furthermore to succeed in entering the boating industry and make a valuable contribution to the economy. Ivor gave selflessly of his time and was extremely humble at all times.

Those of you who knew him would know he was a very gentle, kind man who only wished to speak nicely of others. He had a very respectful manner and placed others' needs above his own, so to speak. He gave tirelessly of his time to ensure everyone was happy and gave back to the community and sailing all that he could. He was the auditor of RCYC for many years, was still on their auditing committee at the time of his death, and was also the accountant and on the audit committee of the NSRI.

On behalf of the FBYC we express our sincere condolences to his wife Adele and his two children, Martine and Gary (also a keen yachtsman), as well as his grandchildren.



FBYC Achievement Award

Donovan Cole

We congratulate you on your achievement of tagging and releasing over one thousand fish. Well done, Keep it up!

In recognition of your achievement, the FBYC Angling Fund will pay your launching fee for the forthcoming annual period.

Thanks again for your efforts.

Yours sincerely, Bryan de Vit Fitchat
Rear Commodore, Angling
Donovan Cole
Donovan Cole tagged fish

Sport Participation - ALERT LEVEL 4

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

I trust that this email will find you all in good health.
I kindly refer to the Adjusted Alert Level 4 and the attached Gazette.

Based on the published Gazette, organised sports activities hosted by National Federations/Associations may proceed under the following regulations:
  • All angling activities must be hosted and executed in accordance with the SASACC PAL Covid 19 Regulations as distributed.
  • All angling activities hosted by registered clubs, provinces and National Federations/Associations can only be hosted if the SASACC PAL application approval process has been completed.
  • All angling events based on a team structure participation over multiple days, may be hosted if all participants submit a negative Covid19 PCR Laboratory test which is not older than 72hours prior to participation to ensure that a “Covid19 Bubble” is created.
  • Traveling by anglers from Gauteng to attend an angling competition/championship may only take place for participation in Professional Angling Events (Money Trails), Provincial and National Events for which the host can issue a travel permit for cross-province travel as stipulated in the SASACC PAL Covid 19 Regulations. The permit however does not allow traveling during curfew times.
  • Anglers living in Gauteng may not travel out of the province for participation in recreational angling activities.
  • No spectators and visitors are allowed at any angling event.

It is the prerogative of any registered angling body, be it a club, province and National Federation/Association to cancel or postpone angling events due to the risks related to Covid19.

SASACC hereby reiterate that all hosts and registered angling bodies are liable for prosecution or suspension of membership should it be found that the regulations contained in the Gazette and the SASACC PAL Regulations are not adhered to.

I would like to ask that we all ensure a safe participation environment for our anglers at our angling events.

Regards, Andries Maree
President: SASACC


Pier 23

Open for Take-Aways only

Monday to Sunday: 08h00 – 16h00
Wednesdays and Fridays: 08h00 – 18h00

Hake with chips/salad - R88
Calamari with chips/salad - R88
Homemade hamburger - R75
Chicken Curry with rice - R75
Quiche with salad - R60
Bobotie with rice - R75
Beef/Veg Lasagne - R70
Haddock Fish Pie - R70
Assorted Toasted Sandwiches are available.

Friday and Saturday Specials

Eisbein, Ribs and Prawns - Details will be advertised closer to the time.

For orders please call:

066 063 5280

SRC Marine Radio Course and Exam
Your password is your membership number, which appears on your invoice/statement.
You may also call the club office to find out your membership number.
Members are encouraged to use the FBYC Covid App for easy access at the entrance and to avoid having to touch the pens and paper.
How to save the Covid - App to your home screen.

iPhone :
1. Open the link in your Safari browser
2. At the bottom of your screen in the center is a square icon with an arrow pointing up, click on that.
3. Scroll up until you see the option Add to Home Screen.
4. You all set to go, just look for the FBYC logo. You might need to move it to your landing screen.

Any Android device:
1. Open the link in Chrome
2. On the top right-hand side of the screen, tap on the 3 dots.
3. Tap on Add to Home screen.
4. You all set to go.

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