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6 JULY 2021


"A long life is not good enough, but a good life is long enough." Esther Jungreis


Members, please note:

Whilst you are on Club premises, please adhere to all Covid protocols. The wearing of masks is COMPULSORY.



POPIA Compliance

On the 1st of July 2021, the long-awaited South African Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) came into effect.

Compliance with the POPI Act requires us to ensure that those we communicate with are happy to continue receiving our messages, and this includes members of the media with whom we share regular updates.

By staying opted in, you will continue to receive Dolphyn Diary Newsletters and relevant information from False Bay Yacht Club.

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URGENT notice to Members

Members, please note Club Rules under Adjusted Lockdown Level 4

Curfew: 21h00 until 04h00

Masks are to be worn at all times whilst on club premises. NO MASK – NO ENTRY.

Hand sanitizing and temperature checks will be conducted at the entrances.

All members to sign-in on the Covid Access Form or preferably use the FBYC Covid App.

Crow’s Nest Bar:
The bar is closed – no alcohol sales are permitted anywhere.
Pier 23 Restaurant:
Only take-away foods to be served.
Trading until 18h00 on Wednesdays and Fridays for evening collections.
Normal trading until 16h00 for the rest of the week.
Please note that once you have ordered, you cannot sit down on club premises to eat or drink anything purchased from the restaurant

Braai, Lawn & Swimming:
The clubhouse is closed, all social gatherings are prohibited. Please adhere to proper social distancing and Covid-19 protocols.

Restrictions will remain in place until 11 July 2021 or until new regulations are in place.

Thank you - FBYC Management

Renewal of Subscriptions

Renewal of Subscriptions:
Member subscriptions invoices for the period July 2021 to June 2022 have been sent to members on 01 July 2021. If you have not received your invoice, please let us know urgently. accounts@fbyc.co.za / admin@fbyc.co.za

You can also expect a statement of account shortly, so that any members with a credit balance can take this into account when making payment.

These invoices are due for payment by 1st August 2021, as stated in the Club Constitution. A small discount will be granted to all members paying by EFT, the deadline is 31st July. Members may, by arrangement with the club, request payment terms to pay by 30th September. Please contact Natasha manager@fbyc.co.za

Early Bird Discount:
Please remember to deduct the early bird discount amount stated on your invoice if you are going to pay by EFT only.
The deadline for this discount is 31 July 2021. Note that your payment has to reflect in our bank account on 31 July or you will not qualify for this discount.

Kindly note that in terms of the Club's Constitution, should you not wish to renew your membership, you were obliged to advise the Club (Yvonne admin@fbyc.co.za) before the end of June. We will accept resignations received up to 30 July, but any received after then will incur pro-rata subscription fees up to the date of resignation.

Please stay safe, we will see you around the Club!

Weight Calculation & Ad Hoc Inspection

Please take note of the SAMSA notice with respect to the increase in crew weight calculation. Weight calculation is now based on an average of 82.5kg per person.

Read Marine Notice No. 3 >

Please note that SAMSA will be doing random spot checks on small craft fitness, safety equipment and COF at all launching sites. All pertinent paperwork must be on board including VHF radio license receipts.

Safety Notice to Members

Please be aware of your surroundings and practice safety first when swimming or snorkeling in the marina. Divers are to follow protocol with the use of a diving buoy.

Eco Bricks Whale

Members, please note that the Eco Bricks Whale has been taken down for maintenance and we will therefore not be collecting eco-bricks until further notice.

Kayak/Surfski Racks

Members, please note that the kayak rack hire increased to R500 per annum, with effect from 1 July 2021, when the annual billing took place.

Members who are currently hiring racks are to please let the club (admin@fbyc.co.za) know whether they will be renewing for the next year.
Please note that there is a long waiting list for availability of racks, and only members who are regular paddlers should retain their racks.

We need to be fair and give all members a chance to utilise this facility.


Well, thanks to Covid, there isn’t any … so as we reminisce about the good old days when we could go sailing, here are some pictures to take you way back!
Many of our members will also recall Tom and Vicky Jackson and their beautiful yacht, Sunstone. Their blog is a great read and they have really nice things to say about South Africa and our club! Sunstonesailing.com >

WhatsApp Groups

We have the following three 'Sailing' WhatsApp groups:
  • FBYC Sailing
  • FBYC Club Racing
  • FBYC Classifieds
Visit https://fbyc.co.za/fbyc-sailing/whatsapp-groups to find out more about each group.

Please contact Colleen at the Club Office (021 786 1703 or email admin@fbyc.co.za) to request to be added to a group.

Upcoming Sailing & Important Announcements

Please note: All organised sailing events are suspended until the 11th of July.

Mossel Bay Race 2021



Coastal Skipper's Course

Small group tuition to ensure personal attention. Our course is very much practically orientated – once the work is explained you will know it.

The course consists of:
a) Day 1: Wednesday, 28 July (Theory)
b) Day 2: Saturday, 31 July (Exam & Practical)

a) Existing Cat.C/B COC
b) Sea hours (Day - 100 + Night - 50)

Venue: Magson Marine Yamaha,
190 Main Road, Strand, Cape Town, 7140 https://goo.gl/maps/UQsvWehzwtsTeFBJ8

Content: Navigation + Lights

08h00: Registration
08h30: Lecture: Navigation
10h30: Tea break
13h00: Lunch
13h45: Lecture: Lights
16h00: Exam arrangements
Cost: R 3 450
Enrol now in order to be ready for this season!

Download the registration form HERE >

Your SAMSA skipper license is valid for life.

Look forward to meeting you!

Regards, Pieter Welgemoed BA (LO), HOD, M.Ed.

WhatsApp Group

Please contact Colleen at the Club Office (021 786 1703 or email admin@fbyc.co.za) to request to be added to a group.


WhatsApp Image 2021-07-02 at 12.05.06 (1)

Little news is good news, all things COVID considered!

So far CCRC has managed to successfully contain the three club COVID cases during the past month, with much goodwill and immediate quarantine and isolation. Well to done everyone for your loving care and consideration, in looking after each other, your families, and inner circles.
Wishing you all well as you return to your favourite pastime with good measure, low heart rates, and big smiles!

Back on the water, we are having immense fun enjoying the winter conditions, frequently in the rain. Mostly seeking shelter along the coast to Fishhoek and surrounds for shorter rows, while if not Millers, Kalk Bay and Muizenberg remain firm favourites for our keen-hearted bunnies.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-02 at 12.07.43 (2)
WhatsApp Image 2021-07-02 at 12.05.02
WhatsApp Image 2021-07-02 at 12.05.04 (1)
COVID has sadly interrupted official plans for our long, 30km Master’s row on the Berg River, scheduled for mid-July.

After entering two quads, one double, and three singles of fit and ready rowers, the race has now been cancelled by Western Cape Rowing.

Wishing the handful of eager beavers still keen to test the waters up and downriver, and into the mouth from Port Owen, a wonderful experience should they get there.
On this note, our thoughts go out to all our hospitality, resident Carl & co, and tourism operators, here and across the country, paying a dear price to remain afloat.
CCRC sincerely hopes to go ahead with our long weekend tour to Knysna in the first week of August.

Plans afoot are to row the much loved and well-explored spectacular routes along the lagoon, on to the Heads, to Sedgefield beach from Swartvlei Lagoon, up the Knysna River, and with a bit of luck a little meander on the Serpentine in Wilderness.

More exciting news is that, with exceptionally short notice and a bit of luck, CCRC will play a considerable role and participate in small numbers in the upcoming selections here in Simon’s Town, for the 2021 World Rowing Coastal Championships, and 2021 World Rowing Beach Sprints Finals in Portugal, in September and October.
On another high note, our club coaching of Lawhill Maritime Institute students took off at an impressive rate this term. Nothing but promising results as the team takes great pleasure in extending our skills, both in and outdoors, to this aspirant group of young adults.
Well done and thank you, everyone, for your enthusiasm and dedication to this invaluable cause.

See you on the water! CCRC

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-02 at 12.07.43 (1)
WhatsApp Image 2021-07-02 at 12.05.05 (1)
WhatsApp Image 2021-07-02 at 12.05.06


Pier 23

Open for Take-Aways only

Monday to Sunday: 08h00 – 16h00
Wednesdays and Fridays: 08h00 – 18h00

Hake with chips/salad - R88
Calamari with chips/salad - R88
Homemade hamburger - R75
Chicken Curry with rice - R75
Quiche with salad - R60
Bobotie with rice - R75
Beef/Veg Lasagne - R70
Haddock Fish Pie - R70
Assorted Toasted Sandwiches are available.

Friday and Saturday Specials

Eisbein, Ribs and Prawns - Details will be advertised closer to the time.

For orders please call:

066 063 5280

SRC Marine Radio Course and Exam
Your password is your membership number, which appears on your invoice/statement.
You may also call the club office to find out your membership number.
Members are encouraged to use the FBYC Covid App for easy access at the entrance and to avoid having to touch the pens and paper.
How to save the Covid - App to your home screen.

iPhone :
1. Open the link in your Safari browser
2. At the bottom of your screen in the center is a square icon with an arrow pointing up, click on that.
3. Scroll up until you see the option Add to Home Screen.
4. You all set to go, just look for the FBYC logo. You might need to move it to your landing screen.

Any Android device:
1. Open the link in Chrome
2. On the top right-hand side of the screen, tap on the 3 dots.
3. Tap on Add to Home screen.
4. You all set to go.

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Simon's Town, 7975
021 786 1703

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