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Dolphyn Diary #269: 30 July 2018


FBYC Members are hereby notified that the 60th Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 23rd August 2018 @ 18h30 in the Crow’s Nest. Please ensure that your club account is not in arrears, as members in bad standing are not eligible to vote.

Please note that all members of the current General Committee have agreed to be nominated to stand for a further year:

Commodore: Anthony Wentworth
Vice-Commodore: Rob Newman
Rear-Commodore Sailing: Allan Lawrence
Rear-Commodore Angling: Vacant
Committee Members
: Gary Moss
: Dermot Magowan
: Jeremy Walter
: Tanya Barten
: Simone Balman
: Gus Rautmann

Should you wish to make further nominations, the nomination forms are available from Yvonne Macdonald info@fbyc.co.za; 021 786 1703; or call at the front office.

Members are also invited to comment on the proposed amendments to section 23 of the FBYC Constitution, as below:

(Please send any comments to Yvonne at info@fbyc.co.za )

Section 23 of the Constitution currently reads:

The property of the club, both movable and immovable, as well as over-arching responsibility for the broad interests of the membership shall be vested in four Trustees, one of whom shall be the Commodore sitting in his capacity as such, who shall hold same in trust on behalf of the club. They shall be suitably experienced club members in impeccable standing elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting of members and shall hold office for a total of not more than 4 (four) years, offering themselves for re-election at the Annual General Meeting after serving an initial 2 (two) years. The Trustees will have no specific duties but shall be entitled to attend meetings of the General Committee and any sub-committees, to inspect any books, records or any other aspect of the club’s activities and make recommendations to the General Committee and members as appropriate. The Commodore shall provide the Trustees with the minutes of General Committee meetings.

It is proposed that section 23 be amended to read as follows:

There shall be four Trustees, inclusive of the sitting Commodore, who shall be suitably experienced club members, in impeccable standing, elected at the Annual General Meeting of members for an initial term of 2 (two) years, with the option to offer themselves for an additional 2 (two) year term. No Trustee shall hold office for a continuous period of more than 4 (four) years.

The Trustees are specifically charged with ensuring that the assets and property of the club, both movable and immovable, are adequately insured, legally and financially secure and properly maintained. The Trustees shall, in addition, have a sensitive over- arching responsibility for the broader interests and overall direction of the Club and Membership, including dealing with specific or urgent matters that the Commodore and/or GenCom may call upon them to address.

The running and control of the Club will always remain the express function and responsibility of the Commodore and GenCom. In exercising any of their functions the Trustees are expected to act “with a light touch “, and always through the Commodore (or the Vice Commodore, if applicable), and never directly with staff or members.

The Trustees, will normally meet twice a year – either side of the AGM for a general overview of the Club’s activities and performance.

The Trustees are entitled to attend any meetings of the GenCom, or any sub-committees, in a purely observer capacity. Should they collectively wish to raise items for consideration they shall obtain prior permission from the Commodore / Chairperson.

Any 2 (two) Trustees, who together feel that an issue facing the club warrants serious and urgent attention, may attend and address a GenCom meeting, or any other meeting of the Club, by simply advising the Commodore / Chairman of their intention to do so. Under these special circumstances the Commodore / Chairman’s permission is not required.
The Commodore shall provide the Trustees with the minutes of all GenCom meetings, and in addition, the Trustees may at any reasonable time call upon the Commodore (or his proxy) to provide them with any official Club documents.

As proposed by the FBYC Trustees for ratification at the 2018 FBYC AGM: Cowlin; A. MacKenzie; W. Learmonth; A. Wentworth


Closing Cruise 2018 - Sail Past -
Closing Cruise - Sail Past


Sat, 04 Aug 2018
Committee Room - Cape Coastal Rowers AGM
Time: 11h00
Mon, 13 Aug 2018
Committee Room - Booked
Time: 08h00
Thur, 09 Aug 2018
Committee Room - STCA
Time: 17h00
Mon, 13 Aug 2018
Committee Room - New Members Interviews
Time: 17h00
Thurs, 23 Aug 2018
Crow's Nest - AGM
Time: 18h30


Members please note;

We would like to request that you carry your electronic membership access card with you whilst you are at the club. There have been too many situations of a questionable nature in the past . Access control plays a significant part in ensuring that Member’s and club assets are looked after properly. When entering the club, use your access card at the gate to ensure seemless entry.

Please show your membership your card when asked by our Customer Service Officers as they are trying to control entry, especially on weekends.

We ask that you exercise a bit of patience when you are asked to sign your guest/s in at the front gate.

A reminder to all about our guest policy as stated in the Club By-Laws:
5 b. Visitors to the club shall be signed in by a member and the conduct of such visitor shall at all times be the responsibility of the signing member whilst on club premises.
  1. A non-member / visitor may be signed in by a Member not more than 12 (twelve) times per financial year.
We thank you for your co-operation!



Fri, 03 Aug 2018

Winner of last week’s draw was Nina Innes , R8200.00 – roll over as she was not present.

Remember you have to be there to win. Draw takes place at 19h00.
OPEN EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING- the a-la-carte menu plus a delicious selection of curries.
Neptune's Curry 2 -
The club is a marine protected environment. Please be on the lookout and report suspicious activity to the office.
STMC - Slip special


No navigation and weather warnings were received this morning, but please check the Safety at Sea notice board, next to the bathrooms - Red Light will be on if there are Navigation Warnings for the day.


Wed 25 Jul - Neptune's Winter Twilight Series, Race 6 of 10

A beautiful evening with promised winds on the start died as the fleet headed to their first mark. Race had to be shortened as they were only half way to the first mark with the dying winds after 30 minutes. Fleet finished 45 minutes between first and last boat.

Line Honours
1st - Pure Magic
2nd - Sir Henry
3rd - Jabulani
Overall race 6 of 10
1st - Pure Magic
2nd - Jabulani
3rd -
Sat 28 Jul - Closing Cruise

We had a great turn out for our Closing Cruise sail past. Commodore Anthony Wentworth await the fleet just off the marina on Felix the Cat, Paul Dennett on Kiraku led the fleet while Rear Commodore Sailing Allan Lawrence on Titan (Uranus) brought up the rear.

The sail past was followed by a festive bring and braai and live music by Dave and Tron Gomersall.
Sun 29 Jul - Winter Medium Distance, Race 2 of 3

A cooler winters day brought a nice little fleet out to sail a medium distance around the cans - it was great to see Castor Buoy back in place and we made sure to use it. The wind picked up a little more than we expected which allowed for a reasonable time RTC course.
Line Honours
1st - Hooligan
2nd - Sir Henry
3rd - Pure Magic
Overall race 2 of 3
1st - Scottische
2nd - Pure Magic
3rd - Hooligan


Wed, 01 Aug 2018
Neptune's Winter Twilight Series Race 7 of 10
Start time: 17h45
Wed, 08 Aug 2018
Neptune's Winter Twilight Series Race 8 of 10
Start time: 17h45
Sat, 04 Aug 2018
Winter Double Hander 4 of 5
Start time: 14h30
Thurs, 09 Aug 2018
Ladies Day Race - Fill your boat with ladies
Start time: 14h30
Sat, 11 Aug 2018
Winter RTC Race 4 of 4
Start time: 14h30


Entrants 2018

1 - Nemesis
2 - Silver Girl
3 - Assagai
4 - Xtra - Link Yolo
5 - Banjo
6 - Tam Tam
7 - Compromise
8 - Nitro
9 - Makers Mark
10 - Raymarine Regardless
11 - Sophie B
12 - About Time


This months 'First Saturday of every month paddle' will be on Saturday 4th August, 10am on the water.
IMG_0046 -
The 'First Saturday of the month paddle' at the beginning of July was held in ideal conditions with 9 kayaks and surf skis enjoying a gentle paddle in fantastic Autumn-like conditions towards Fish Hoek.

This is a morning for paddlers wanting to get more experience, a chance to meet other FBYC paddlers and is open to kayakers and surf skiers of any level.

At the moment, we may be able to provide one or 2 additional kayaks for members of FBYC, but this must be done on a 'first come, first served' basis as available kayaks are very limited.

If you are interested, phone 083 253 9811 soonest!

At the moment, the long-term weather conditions are looking good. If there is any question about unsuitable weather,you will be informed by email by the end of Thursday 2nd August.

See you on the water!
Sail and Power Jul -
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