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Dolphyn Diary #272: 20 August 2018


The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 23rd August 2018 at 18h30 in the Crow’s Nest.

The agenda was placed on the notice board on 8th August and emailed to all members on 15th August.


Only four Clubs have achieved returns in double figures and only one of those has got more than 100. Four Clubs have not had a single response ie not even the Club Commodore has completed the form and that despite personal phone calls and verbal acknowledgement of the importance of the exercise.

To be taken seriously by the Authorities we need to demonstrate this is important to our membership. If we do not get a 75% return of the total membership of the Clubs why should they believe this is important to our members?

Yacht club members have been quick to challenge the national authority as to what is being done about the Threat to the Coastal Clubs. It’s time for them to stand up and be counted.

United we stand, divided we fall!

Please, please can we all give this an enormous and very personal and direct shove. It’s time to be in direct contact with the membership otherwise this initiative will be still born.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know if we can help.

Best regards,


The Little Optimist movie night
Opening Cruise 2018 FB Event


Thurs, 23 Aug 2018
Crow's Nest - AGM
Time: 18h30
Sat, 25 Aug 2018
Crow's Nest - Private Birthday Party
Time: 19h00
Sat, 25 Aug 2018
Committee Room - Sail and Power Radio Course
Time: 08h30
Thur, 30 Aug 2018
Committee Room - STMC AGM
Time: 16h30
Fri, 31 Aug 2018
Crow's Nest - Welcome to New Members Evening
Time: 19h00
Dale Smyth will be presenting the club with a memento of his momentous adventure with the Clipper Race.





Fri, 24 Aug 2018

Winner of last week’s draw was John Dobson, R1100.00 - roll over as he was not present.

Remember you have to be there to win. Draw takes place at 19h00.
OPEN EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING- the a-la-carte menu plus a delicious selection of curries.
The club is a marine protected environment. Please be on the lookout and report suspicious activity to the office.


Gunnery exercise firing will take place from 20 - 24 August 2018 from 06h30 to 13h30. Lower north battery range area. ALL VESSELS REQUESTED TO KEEP CLEAR

No weather warnings were received this morning, but please check the Safety at Sea notice board, next to the bathrooms - Red Light will be on if there are Navigation and Weather Warnings for the day.


Wed 15 Aug - Neptune's Winter Twilight Series, Race 9 of 10

These winter evenings have been near perfect for our twilight series. We have 8 boats out on the water - the wind however died and course was shortened. The competition between the top 3 boats is very tight... Watch this space for next weeks series winner.
Line Honours
1st - Pure Magic
2nd - Sir Henry
3rd - Reaction
Overall race 9 of 10
1st - Pure Magic
2nd - Jabulani
3rd - Reaction
Sat 18 Aug - Winter Double Hander Race 5 of 5

This last race of the series was unfortunately not sailed due to the lack of wind which filled in for a short while after a decision was made not to race and most of the sailors had left.


SR2018 Poster JPG
Wed, 22 Aug 2018
Neptune's Winter Twilight Series Race 10 of 10
Start time: 17h45
Wed, 05 Sep 2018
The Little Optimist Talk
Start time: 18h00
Sun, 26 Aug 2018
Winter Medium Distance 3 of 3
Start time: 14h30
Sat, 08 Sep 2018
Opening Cruise
Start time: 15h00
Wed, 12 Sep 2018
Spring Twilight Series Race 1 of 10
Start time: 18h00
Click the calendar button below for the 2018/2019 Sailing Calendar (September 2018 to May 2019).


Entrants 2018

1 - Nemesis
2 - Silver Girl
3 - Assagai
4 - Xtra - Link Yolo
5 - Banjo
6 - Tam Tam
7 - Compromise
8 - Nitro
9 - Makers Mark
10 - Raymarine Regardless
11 - Sophie B
12 - About Time
13 - Tin Tin
14 - Sir Henry
15 - Malulani


The Cape Coastal Rowing Club AGM on Saturday, 4 August

“The Cape Coastal Rowing Club (CCRC) held their AGM on Saturday, 4 August. The meeting was well attended by CCRC Members, the Alfred Rowing Club (ARC) Representative as well as the Lawhill Maritime Centre Rowing Captains. A general review of club activities, rowing tours, membership, finances and the Club’s Social Responsibility project were discussed. A new Committee was also elected. We are pleased to announce Dr Estelle Wiid was elected as Vice-Captain, and that the female representation in the leadership is growing. A special note of thanks was made for outgoing Commodore, Mr Dave Marrs for his leadership and dedication to CCRC over the past many years, and growing the club to where it is today. CCRC would also like to express their thanks to FBYC for the support throughout the year, and accommodating the Lawhill ‘Learn to Row’ students on Saturday mornings. Any FBYC members wishing to ‘have a go’ at rowing, please contact us on capecoastalrowing@gmail.com

The meeting was ended with a hearty meal at Neptune’s Restaurant!

Committee Photo FLTR:
Mrs Sasha Planting (Treasurer)
Kobus Huisamen (Captain)
Pieter Coetzer (Commodore)
Derrick Read (Coach)
Geordie Kohler (Touring)
Estelle Wiid (Vice-Captain) – absent from photo
Brian Fisher-Jeffes (Maintenance) – absent from photo"


bluewaters -


Dear Simon's Town Businesses and Tourism Stakeholders,

We sent this invitation out earlier in the year, but unfortunately had to postpone. We are pleased to have received confirmation from Minister Alan Winde that he will be able to attend our next STBA Networking on the 22nd of August, at 18:30 at the Simon's Town Country Club.

The Simon's Town Business Association's focus this year is on Tourism and Marketing Simon's Town as a destination. We have therefore invited Provincial Minister of Economic Development, Agriculture and Tourism, Mr Alan Winde, to come and talk to our business community and other interested parties on the subject of how to promote our town and advise on how businesses can succeed in the current economic climate of our country. His talk promises to be practical and inspirational and we invite you all to attend and share this evening with us.

Please find the invitation with more information attached and RSVP to simonstownba@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,
Simon's Town Business Association
STBA NETWORKING, Alan Winde at ST Country Club, 22 Aug 2018
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