Dear Tagging Member,

We have some exciting news!

One of ORI’s senior scientists, Dr Bruce Mann, has been working on a fish identification app for the last year and a half designed especially for the South African marine angler and fish enthusiast. The app has brilliant photos, up to date information, distribution maps, current regulations, a way to compare similar species and a length-weight calculator for 249 of the most common fish species caught along the South African coast.

For more information about the app, please watch the video at the below link:  YouTube Video

If you are interested in getting this app, you can search for “Marine Fish Guide for Southern Africa” in the Google Play or Apple App store on your phone and purchase it for just over R200.00, with all profits going towards the ORI Cooperative Fish Tagging Project.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this product and learn a lot from it!!

Assistant Scientist (Tagging Officer)
MSc Marine Biology
South African Association for Marine Biological Research