Please contact Colleen at the Club Office (021 786 1703 or email ) to request to be added to a group.

FBYC Sailing

Please note that this group is intended for the sharing of sailing photographs, anecdotes, congratulations, etc.

Please note the Group Etiquette:

  1. No messages after 8 pm in the evening.
  2. No slandering or insulting.
  3. No marketing of any kind.
  4. Humour is permissible, as long as it is in good taste!
  5. No posting of large videos, or anything that is violent or unsuitable for public viewing.
  6. No posting of hoaxes, or similar “did you know” communications.

FBYC Classifieds

Welcome to FBYC’s buy/sell/swap group!

Please take note:

  1. Treat all buyers & sellers with due caution.
  2. Unless otherwise stated all goods are sold “voetstoots”.
  3. Goods should be viewed in person before any transfer of funds.
  4. Cash or EFT transfers are the recommended payment methods.
  5. Refrain from posting several pictures of the same item (unless combined in a single post).
  6. Sellers, indicate (on the group) when an item has been sold.

FBYC Club Racing

Please note that this group is intended for club racing communication and information only. Please use the FBYC Sailing WhatsApp group (and not this one!) for friendly banter and to share photographs, anecdotes, congratulations, etc. Many thanks!