DOLPHYN DIARY NO:  11th April  2017 – 201
Read your Dolphyn Carefully for all the – Sailing & Club events on the Calendar.


The often quoted comment that “weather forecasts are only forecasts, not promises (or words to that effect) was proved to be correct last Saturday when the forecast 10-12 knots degenerated into a large “hole”in the middle of Simon’s Bay causing the double-handed race to be abandoned.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT RACING:  12th April 2017 @ 17h45 fifteen minutes earlier due to light. Forecast upper teens NW.
This week sees RACE 4 of 5 race of the STBB Series.

Live music & Prize giving scheduled for Wednesday 19th April 2017


Andrew MacK


Consisting of two medium distance races with the combined total corrected time to count.

Saturday:  Start time:  12h30 (Roads Open from 10h30)
Dave Gomersall outside @ braai area 14h00 – 17h00

Sunday:  Start time:  11h30.   Prize giving will take place @ 17h00 in the Crow’s Nest

Forecast:    Stiff SE on Saturday, with mid-teens SE on  Sunday.
All skippers, crew & spectators to bring Easter Eggs for distribution to the under-privileged children.

The General Committee has taken a decision due to the critical water shortage being experienced in our Province.

  1. As per the current water restrictions there is a ban on using any hoses for fresh water wash down of boats until further notice, use salt water rinse then bucket of fresh water only
  2. Please ensure that you flush your engines using a hose with automatic shut-off valve strictly for 2 minutes only, as per our water restrictions exemption granted
  3. Members on the marina please continue to top up your tanks for your water supply
  4. Those members who have been granted an exemption from the City, please use water sparingly, using a hose with an automatic shut-off valve
  5. Showers – please follow the procedure as stated in the bathrooms
Thank you for your efforts to conserve water!

R 2 100.00
Friday 11th April 2017  @ 19h00
If you are insured with Intasure you will in addition to the CASH, get  up to  R 5000.00 off the vessel’s annual insurance premium or your car & household insurance premium

PS: you have to be present in the Crow’s Nest to claim the winnings


We are currently having the Proxnet system reloaded.  This is the system that programs the membership cards.  If your card is not working please bear with us. Once the system is repaired we will be able to re-program your cards/tags.

Quiz Nights are back!!

1st Night  – Thursday 20th April  entrance fee per night per person R70.
Visitors welcome!!

This year we ask you to pick a name for your Team, The winning team will win the floating trophy 1st year.

To enter email: with your team name and members.

Dear Members

Security Matters:  A cautionary note an incident has taken place on C marina recently.  Our security team is completely focused & does regular patrols of all the marinas.  Please be extra vigilant.  We strongly encourage you to have an alarm installed on your boat.  For More information on alarm systems, please contact Spilly

Liquor License

The Liquor License inspector visited the club over the last week.  Please do not allow your under-aged children to order from the bar.
The bar staff have been tasked to enforce this rule.